Sunday, 22 September 2013

Love stops at nothing

Earth, quake, shudder and shake
Reel, rock, aftershock
Rocks melt, mountains explode
Fall apart

Faith ain't from round here
And hope's just passing through
Love is a medic on the move
Faith is a rope
Hope is a rock
And love's the tireless hands to pull you through.

Streets hurt, slip, lose face first
Homes break hearts when they burst
Rooms divide your world from mine
Far apart

Faith is a pane
Hope is a frame
Love is the sunlight flooding through
Faith won't go away
When hope outlasts the day
And love lights a home fire in the gloom

There's one way to weave them together
And no way to tear them apart.
Jesus' hands patient and clever
Stitch his scarred palms to my heart

Tears drop, pour til they break
Cracked face, seems hard to place
Heart stops, hurt turns to hate
I am lost

Faith turns my head
Hope holds my hand
Love clears my airway and I breathe
Faith seeks
Hope believes
Love stops at nothing til I'm free
Love stops at nothing

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