Sunday, 22 September 2013

Song for my darling

Once I tried to pick you
Pull you up
Hold you close
Sadly you withered and wilted
So badly I bothered and badgered
As i tried to arrange you my way

You are not a flower
For my temporary pleasure
You are a rainfed garden to be tended tenderly

At times I've sought to wield you
Like an implement
Or a weapon
Your visage wore and weathered
As I tore and tilled and tethered
And tried to train you my way

You are not a tool
For my benefit or ease
You are the gold and pink of rise and set crowning my horizon

If I ever learn to love you
As is due you
Fine fair lady
I'd cast your mountains seaward
And lift you like a seabird
You could ride on the crest of my wave

You are green and lush and shady
You are gold and pink and lovely
You are my crowning glory and my favorite place to be

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